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Hide Online Apk is a well known action game with a large following. This game can furnish you with an agreeable encounter by blending regular battle styles with new ideas.

Hide Online is phases of ongoing interaction that offer many shocks, including the way that it’s anything but a short battle between the different sides. Hide Online is a shooting game created by HitRock Games. With more than 10 million downloads, it’s clear that this game is more than just your ordinary shooting game.

Hide online apk game

What is Hide Online Apk?

Hide Online Apk is the first Android game that is entirely based on the Hunters VS Props mode. It contains nothing excepting the Props searching gameplay.

Hunters and Props are the two teams in the game. Hunters will be furnished and ready to kill, while Props will be compelled to cover to get away. As opposed to different sides fighting, the game is intended to be played as a round of find the stowaway. Associate with numerous different players from everywhere the world to partake in the match, which is both emotional and entrancing.

It has a similar Hunter VS Prop game as COD Mobile’s Prop mode, and the game’s story expects you to stroll around the chateau and obliterate the props covered among the fake items. The game prizes you with a gun with 60 projectiles and ten throwables, yet just a single time. Moreover, the game’s Shop menu permits you to purchase power-up additional items and notable firearms.

Hide online


Here are some exciting features of the game,

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A unique experience of Hide Online Apk

Despite the fact that there are numerous shooting match-ups available today, there are some that have yet to be explored in novel ways. In any case, the engineers at Hide Online have tracked down an open door and stayed with it.

To this end, this game is one of the most remarkable and fun shooting match-ups around today. That is on the grounds that in here, you can partake in a find the stowaway game like no other. Stow away as props like fries, seats, boxes, container, cones and that’s just the beginning! There are so many things you can become in this game and you must mix in impeccably to get by. Then, there are trackers who need to kill every one of the phony props they find.

Hide Online Apk hunters seek props hide

Play as a hunter

As a hunter, you must find the phony props mixing in all over the place. This implies that in a real sense anything can turn into your objective! You simply have to find the things that stick out the most. Or on the other hand the one that maneuvers! The game is dominated when every one of the props are disposed of!

Play as a prop

As a prop, you then need to mix in to the rooms and your environmental factors. This is hard on occasion since no one can really tell what you will be as. You can be a container or a cone – the sky is the limit! In any case, your main goal is to stow away too as you can to make due. Do what you must to get by in this game to procure rewards!

Multiple Game Modes in Hide Online Apk

Hide Online Apk‘s ongoing interaction is continuously developing and broadening thanks to the week by week expansion of new game modes. Regardless of their limits, they give more entertainment and clamor than the fundamental game mode, and Hunters and Props could in fact annihilate one another or utilize weapons to pursue Hunters. Contingent upon the game mode, anything could occur, making the ongoing interaction more enthusiastic and rich for players to appreciate. Moreover, by taking part in the additional modes, the player will be qualified for various extra honors, which is an extraordinary method for getting free exceptional things.

Collect Awesome Costumes

Hunter costumes are generally a hit, and it’s an extraordinary opportunity for engineers to flaunt their resourcefulness before the players. The garments’ belongings are bewildering, just like their elevated degrees of reactivity in different settings. From that point, players will be captivated to accumulate a plenty of one of a kind garments, most of which might be gotten through extra modes or occasions. Personalization and dress adjustment will likewise be accessible in the game, permitting players to make their own one of a kind looks.

Conclusion of Hide Online Apk game

If you love fun action-shooter games, you should definitely not miss Hide Online Apk. Although there are now quite a few similar games on both mobile and PC, this game still has the most attraction. The fun gameplay and simple control mechanism make it more accessible to every player. Moreover, its capacity is also quite light, only about 54MB, so it can run smoothly on most mobile devices. So do you want to play it now?


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v4.6.0 - Android 4.4 and up 08/07/2022