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Name Mech Arena
Category Action
Package Name Mech Arena
MOD Features Unlimited Everything
Version 2.25.00
Size 143 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Plarium Global

Download Meca Arena MOD APK from APKTRUSTED and unlock full potential of gaming with Unlimited Money, Gems and Premium features unlocked!

About Mech Arena

Mech Arena was released globally on August 31, 2021, for both iOS and Android platforms. The game was developed by Plarium, a mobile game development company, and was published by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

To promote the game’s release, Plarium and Huawei ran a pre-registration campaign where players could sign up to receive in-game rewards. The campaign proved to be successful, as the game received over a million pre-registrations.

Mech arena mod apk

On the day of release, Mech Arena was made available for download on the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. The game was free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases available for players who wanted to enhance their gaming experience.

To celebrate the game’s release, Plarium and Huawei held a launch event where players had the chance to win exclusive prizes by participating in various in-game events and challenges.

Since its release, Mech Arena has received positive reviews from players and has quickly gained popularity in the mobile gaming community.

Design and Layout

Mech Arena features a sleek and intuitive layout and design that is easy for players to navigate and understand. The game’s menus and user interface (UI) are designed with a modern and futuristic aesthetic that fits with the game’s theme of high-tech mechs and advanced weaponry.

The game’s main menu features large, clearly labeled icons that allow players to access different parts of the game, such as the garage where they can customize their mechs, the battle menu where they can select different game modes and maps, and the store where they can purchase new weapons and upgrades.

Mech arena mod

The game’s UI is also well-designed, with large and easy-to-read text and clear visual indicators that help players understand what is happening on the battlefield. For example, players can see their mech’s health and shield status at a glance, as well as information about their weapons and abilities.

Mech Arena’s layout and design are optimized for mobile devices, with controls and menus that are easy to access and use on a small touchscreen. The game’s graphics and animations are also optimized to run smoothly on mobile devices, so players can enjoy the game without experiencing any lag or performance issues.


Mech Arena features high-quality graphics that are designed to provide an immersive and engaging gaming experience for players. The game utilizes advanced rendering techniques to create detailed environments and realistic lighting effects.

The mechs themselves are intricately designed and feature a range of different shapes, sizes, and colors, each with its own unique appearance and personality. The mechs are animated with smooth and fluid movements, and their weapons and abilities are accompanied by flashy visual effects that add to the excitement of battles.

mech arena mod apk

The game’s environments are also well-designed, with a range of different maps and settings that offer different challenges and strategic opportunities. The environments feature a range of different textures and materials, such as metal, concrete, and dirt, which are rendered in high resolution to create a sense of realism.

Features Of Mech Arena

Mech Arena is a multiplayer mobile game that offers a range of features designed to provide players with an engaging and exciting gaming experience. Here are some of the key features of the game:

  1. Mech Customization: Mech Arena allows players to customize their mechs with a range of different weapons, upgrades, and skins. This allows players to create personalized play styles and tailor their mechs to their preferences.
  2. Real-time Battles: The game features real-time battles where players can engage in fast-paced combat against other players from around the world. The battles are intense and require skill and strategy to win.
  3. Multiple Game Modes: Mech Arena offers a range of different game modes, including team-based matches, free-for-all battles, and special events with unique challenges and rewards. This variety keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging.
  4. Ranking System: The game features a ranking system where players can compete against each other to climb the global leaderboard and earn rewards based on their performance.
  5. In-Game Store: Mech Arena has an in-game store where players can purchase new weapons, upgrades, and skins using in-game currency or real money. This allows players to further customize their mechs and improve their chances of winning battles.
  6. Social Features: The game includes social features that allow players to connect with each other, form teams, and communicate during battles.
  7. High-Quality Graphics: Mech Arena features high-quality graphics that are designed to provide an immersive and engaging gaming experience for players.
mech arena mod

Features of Mech Arena MOD APK

Mech Arena MOD APK uploaded by APKTRUSTED offers a lot of features which are listed below

  1. Unlimited Money: We have given you unlimited money in this Mech Arena MOD APK version.
  2. Unlimited Gems: You can now enjoy Unlimited Gems in this Mech Arena MOD APK version.
  3. No Ads: We have removed ads in this version on Mech Arena MOD APK.
  4. Premium Version Unlocked: We have unlocked Premium Version for you in this Mech Arena MOD APK version.

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How to download Mech Arena MOD APK

  • Go to APKTRUSTED website that offers the Mech Arena Mod APK. You can search for “Mech Arena Mod APK download”.
  • Click on download button and wait for APK to download.
  • If you see a warning message that says “This type of file can harm your device,” click on “OK” to proceed with the download.
  • After the download is complete, locate the downloaded APK file in your device’s file manager or Downloads folder.
  • Tap on the downloaded APK file to start the installation process.
  • Wait for the installation to complete, and then you can open the app and start playing.

Is Mech Arena Free to download ?

Yes it is and always will be.

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