Bus Simulato r MOD APK v2.0.7Unlimited Money, Multiplayer Unlocked

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Bus Simulator MOD APK is a famous bus driving simulator game in which players performs role of a bus driver who drive buses in the city. The game is totally about on real life driving mechanisms. You can experience the best driving game and test your driving skills.

The game has been released on 15 Jun 2019 and offered by Zuuks Games for Android users. More than 100M people downloaded it, till today. The game is available in all google play stores. It is a free and secure game. The game is virtual and installed with realistic simulation playing operations.

Download the mod version of Bus Simulator: Ultimate MOD APK to get unlimited money and multiplayer unlocked.

Bus Simulator mod apk

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How to play Bus Simulator MOD APK?

The gameplay of Bus Simulator MOD APK is very easy and interesting. The gameplay is much addictive. This is not a racing game. This a unique game where you drive and go around the city. You have to follow the traffic rules to experience realistic bus driving.

Before playing the game you need to know how to drive. You have to use the right and proper way of driving. There are different maps to drive. In this game, bus driver deliver passengers to their destination. Firstly you have to select the bus to drive which you need as per your own choice.

There are many places to go and a large number of buses to drive in this game. These buses are with different type of ranges, styles and sizes. You can customize the inner part of your bus. During driving you have to choose a right direction with the help of map and must able to control the bus to achieve your destination.

On your screen, on the left corner, there are two options one of a steering wheel and other are right and left button to control the bus. On the right corner, there are two brake buttons, gear lever and accelerator. Other options like speed, fuel are present on the bottom corner. Do not cause an accident on your journey. Bus driver may face many difficult challenges, traffic and weather.

Player have to complete daily missions and challenges to earn more rewards. You can upgrade or buy new buses that you want or need. If you learn its gameplay you get this game very easy.

Bus simulator mod apk


There are some interesting features of the game Bus Simulator MOD APK,

Create your own bus driving business

Firstly, you have to create your own bus driving company or garage, to manage your buses. Then go to My vehicles, you can see here the models of buses. If you wants to buy more, you can buy with coins. There are different brands like Setro, Tempa etc with different models.

You have to choose those buses which have a large number of seats and much capacity of fuel tank. In the first few days, you will not be able to hire staff for your company. You will have to set strategies for vehicles, routes or fares.

Bus simulator mod apk

Coach Buses

There are more than 19 amazing coaches available in the game, which are of unique builds and features. The player can use these awesome coach buses and can enjoy the drive at the possible level.

Realistic interiors of buses

The interior part of the buses are much attractive and elastic. Its interior gives a real feelings of a bus driving. Every vehicle has its own realistic interior which boast varied designs and setups. Buses have a large number of seats and comfort. Its realistic interior makes the game play more pleasant and interesting.

Multiplayer Ultimate League

There is also a multiplayer ultimate league mode. In ultimate league mode you can play online against multiple players in real time play where you drive bus in traffic under original traffic laws. You also face real traffic on road. You have to reach carefully on your destination without any accident.

Social reactions of passengers

The passengers review the player at each drive. Their reactions are very social and realistic. It does not feel like a virtual game. About your services they have different reactions and some of them also provide you tips. Player has to be careful about their reviews and reactions.

Bus Simulato r MOD APK v2.0.7

Realistic weather and traffic

In Bus Simulator Mod Apk you may face different type of weathers like rain etc. Game provides great feature of realistic weather and moving traffic. The day and night versions available in the game, you can also choose any weather to play.
As, the level of game increases the volume of the traffic also increases and makes the game more difficult.

Complete Tasks and get rewards

In the game, you have to complete tasks to get different rewards and money. When you win money you can customize your buses and unlock many things by using this money.

Several languages

More than 25 languages are available in the game. This is the best opportunity, any player from any area or region of the world, play this game by selecting his own language. This feature makes the game suitable for different countries.

Easy Controls

The controls of the game are very easy and simple. The developers has introduced the simple and accessible touch controls to make realistic and enjoyable game of bus simulator.

Mod features

You should not worry about money if you download our mod version. In mod version you will get unlimited money, coins and multiplayer unlocked. This is also a ads free mod version


The graphics of the game are very attractive or incredible. They are of 3D concentration. The graphics makes the game more pleasant for players. They are best for both eyes and soul of player. They are very realistic, player feels that everything is real. The graphics are much improved and makes the experience best of players.


Is bus simulator ultimate free to play?

It is not free in the premium version. But if you download mod version of this game from our website, you will get everything free to play.

Is bus simulator ultimate safe to download?

Yes. It is safe to download game from our website APK Trusted.


Bus Simulator MOD APK is a fantastic and interactive driving game where you can make your own bus driving company. You can also make a station for these buses. You have the option to choose different models of buses that you like. You have to drive the bus on the road in traffic. The graphics and the gameplay of the game is very attractive and it gives realistic driving experience. In short this is very interesting game to play.

So download the latest version of Mobile Bus Simulator MOD APK to play and enjoy the game.

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