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Dead Target MOD APK is a shooting game in which you have to kill the repulsive zombies. This game is delivered by VNG GAME STUDIOS, a distributer situated in Vietnam. In numerous ways, I think the game has numerous similitudes with Dead Trigger 2, however this game has a few distinctions that make your zombie battle more sensational and frightening.

With more than 70 million downloads on Google Play, one might say that Dead Target APK is one of the most famous zombie rounds ever. Right now, the game is allowed to download for both Android and iOS, you can download it by means of the connections underneath the article. Above all, let figure out a few intriguing things about this game.

Download the latest version of Dead Target MOD APK to get unlimited money and gold.

Dead Target Mod Apk

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Gameplay of Dead Target MOD APK

Dead Target MOD APK‘s setting was implicit 2040, the hour of human science and innovation is moving forward. Simultaneously, World War II is occurring. The protection serve endorsed with an organization called MZ, intending to foster the undertaking named Dead Target: change warriors, detainees into zombies and use them to go after different nations as opposed to utilizing troops. Yet, startlingly, the MZ broke the arrangement and enacted the destructive infection of the world. The world is near the precarious edge of annihilation.

In any case, MZ utilizes a city to test their sickness, and this is a danger to legislatures. Incapable to allow this to occur, a team was dispatched to accumulate data about the infection and keep them from spreading to different urban communities. Be that as it may, it was past the point of no return. At last, the team passed on, just you and Agent M made due. Kill or be killed? Living or turning into a zombie? Remain battling, kill the zombies, save specialist M and trust that fortifications will save you.

Essentially, Dead Target’s specific situation and ongoing interaction are very like Dead Trigger, however exceptionally, you can’t move. Indeed. I’m not kidding. Numerous players whined about this, maybe we are accustomed to shooting and “kite” zombies in different games, so stopping before many zombies surging at you is certainly not a charming involvement with all. Nonetheless, this has pushed the player’s degree of dread and show to another level. Try not to take off, you can totally stop the zombie attack with your weapon and the help of the SWAT force.

Dead Target Apk

What I like most about this game is that you can’t think about what will occur straightaway. You can’t tell where the zombies will come from and what their capacities are. Once in a while certain zombies look powerless yet they can endure many projectiles. A zombies can upchuck out axit or even a fierce zombie canine ready to rush directly at you.

For any reason, you should attempt to kill however many zombies as could be expected under the circumstances. It assists you with getting by as well as brings a lot of gold. The quickest method for killing a zombie is to focus on their head. Focusing on the chest is simpler, however consequently, you get less cash and in some cases you really want more than one slug to kill them. You ought to change the increment or reduction the aversion to have the option to holding back nothing way.

Features of Dead Target MOD APK

Here are some good features of the game,

Survive the Zombie apocalypse

Wind up in this extreme shooting challenge where you have no choice other than winning. Lose and the whole world will be obliterated by the zombies. Get your firearms and set yourself up before monstrous rushes of zombies swarm at you. Bring them down with your strong weapons and exact shooting abilities. Be incredibly powerful and cautioned constantly so you might win against the frightful zombies.

Survive the zombie apocalypse

Fight against different zombies with unique powers

The game acquaints gamers with a top to bottom zombie framework where you’ll need to go head to head against all sort of zombies. Face against numerous kinds of zombies that come in all shapes and sizes. Every one of them has novel abilities and capacities that should be managed in specific methodologies.

As you get to the more significant levels, you’ll end up looking with considerably harder zombies who’re much more truly tainted with the infections. Challenge different zombies as you drive them out of the safeguarded lands.

What’s more, in particular, you’ll likewise wind up looking with the goliath supervisors who have vivid abilities that none zombies can coordinate. Ensure good to go so you can bear firming before their attacks.

All Unlocked

Weapons with Epic Powers

To manage the terrible zombies, gamers in Dead Target MOD APK will end up approaching numerous weapons which all highlighting extraordinary details and powers. Their fluctuated utilizations will make them very valuable while managing various foes.

Wind up getting a wide range of weapons with various ranges and shoot powers, for example, attack rifles, killing rifles, rocket launcher, etc. In addition, you’re likewise permitted to make utilizations of the update choices and change your weapons totally the way in which you need it. Figure out how to utilize and tweak every weapon totally and you can turn into the expert.

Dead Target Weapons

Boasts to change the tide of the battle

Alongside strong weapons, gamers are likewise acquainted with numerous buffs in the game that could truly work on your abilities. Get from something as basic as to improve your harms, your precision, or terminating rate, to astonishing lifts that could change the tide of the fight, particularly while you’re battling close by your colleagues.

Play offline

The game can be easily played on your mobile devices without the need for Internet connection, which is quite interesting. That being said, you can enjoy the game completely offline and enjoy its portability to the max. And whenever you reconnect to the internet, your progress will be automatically saved online.

Play with online gamers

Furthermore, obviously, the game likewise includes the energizing web based ongoing interaction where gamers can join each other in the amazing zombie shooting difficulties. Help each other as you protect the Earth from being consumed by the zombies.

Or then again challenge other web based gamers from everywhere the world in the competitor list shooter games. Have your measurements contrasted with one and one more to conclude who can sit in the corridor of notoriety. Figure out your companions who are additionally playing the game by having your social record associated. Share your advances to them and feel glad boasting about it.

MOD Features

Here are some following MOD features of the game Dead Target,

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • All Weapons Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Unlocked Missions
  • Infinite Bullets
  • Auto Target
  • Free Special Packs


The game elements moderately great designs for a versatile game. You’ll wind up encountering the control center reviewed zombie shooting in this astonishing game right on your cell phones. Terminating epic takes shots at the adversaries while partaking in the strong special visualizations. Experience reasonable blood and lighting impacts more than ever.

What’s more, above all, for the low-end gadgets, Dead Target additionally includes the valuable movable illustrations choice. Subsequently, you can undoubtedly restrain the designs quality to coordinate with your gadgets’ equipment and have smoother ongoing interaction.


Dead Target MOD Apk is a wonderful shooting game and it is going to be your next favorite game. This game is full of action where you fight against powerful zombies and you should have to kill them. This is a creative game.

Download the latest version of Dead Target MOD APK and enjoy as much as you can.

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