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Download the latest version of KatmovieHD Apk, the best Android entertainment app with all premium features unlocked and no ads.


Looking for the best Android app that lets you view all Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free? Or are you looking for an Android app that enables free, worldwide streaming of all new sessions? To answer all of these issues, KatMovieHD Apk has been released on the market.

While searching for movies, audio, snippets from TV episodes, songs, and other media, you may have seen several categories of the treasure trove of applications and websites. However, you may also be familiar with KatmovieHD. The multi-media software KatmovieHD is the subject of this article.

The best advantage of an Android app named KatMovieHD APK is that it offers a variety of media in one place. For this simple application, an APK file has been acquired. The fantastic feature of KatMovieHD APK 2023 is that it offers a sizable selection of Hollywood, Lollywood, Bollywood, Korean, and other movies. This conversation can help those who can only understand language in their native languages.


App Name KatMovieHD Apk
Version 5.3
Size 22MB
Downloads 10M+
Rating 4.9
Category Entertainment

What is the KatmovieHD Apk?

KatMovieHD APK Seach bar

The motives, movie trailers, and streaming services used by the Hollywood and Bollywood industries may be recognizable to you. Also, you are aware that membership is a financial commitment. But, you can now finish all of these activities for nothing by using the KatMovieHD Apk.

 Free TV series, Hollywood and Bollywood films, music videos, and other content are now available for download. You heard correctly: There are no subscription costs for this application. All of the available articles are always free to access. Also, the media can be stored for later use.

 An Android app called KatmovieHD was created for rendering different types of video in one location. This straightforward application can be downloaded in APK format. You may now watch a wide variety of Hindi-dubbed Hollywood, Lollywood, Bollywood, Korean, and other movies thanks to this.

 For those who are unable to grasp any language other than their native tongue, this platform is helpful. You can find your chosen songs in audio and video, your wanted TV series, other types of music, news, and other multi-types of media in addition to dubbed movies. 

There are two ways to access KatmovieHD: via the website and via an Android app. Both perform the same thing; however, the Android app has a few features that the website does not.

The Katmoviehd APK has everything you need for free entertainment. The most recent versions of songs, TV series and other entertainment products are all readily available upon request. Every new movie will be available on this app in a few hours. Also, employing this application has no danger at all. No viruses or bugs will exist. 


  • History;
  • International;
  • Music
  • science
  • science fiction and fantasy
  • Reality
  • Thriller Biography
  • Short
  • Documentary
  • Comedy       
  • Crime                        
  • Animation 
  • Romance,
  • mystery,
  • fiction
  • Action           
  • Comedy                  
  • Family

Features of KatmovieHD:

  • Ad-free

In online streaming programs, advertisements and sponsored content are frequent. The developer of KatMovieHD Apk, in contrast, has turned off the adverts so that you may enjoy uninterrupted online streaming. Also, it saves internet data while accelerating video loading.

  • Continual entertainment
KatMovieHD APK Dashboard

The KatMovieHD Apk has a sizable range of TV shows, internet series, and movies. They constantly update their films, so there is no room for entertainment.

  • WWE and UFC streaming

WWE fans, rejoice! KatMovieHD Apk now allows you to watch WWE bouts. You can choose the language you want to watch in. Also, this app may be more helpful to you if you prefer watching UFC bouts because it streams those events as well. The most well-known wrestling events are, as we all know, the UFC and WWE.

  • Download to watch later.

You can also directly download your favorite movies to your phone’s gallery to watch when you’re not connected to the internet, like on a flight.

  • Hollywood movies and series

One of the most important genres that we all like viewing is Hollywood films. Regardless of where we are from, we are all fans of Bollywood series and movies. For this series in this software package, the Hindi versions of the movies still have additional rights that need to be delivered. This is good news for Indian fans..

  • user-friendly interface

You will be able to download KatMovieHD Apk very rapidly, for those of you who desire it. You don’t need much time to figure out all the operations thanks to its simple user interface, and you can deal with the settings without any issues. To begin the download, simply choose any category of movie or online program from the search possibilities. You may access all of your movie files and folders once they have been downloaded.

  • No advertisements

In the KatMovieHD Apk, there are no ads to annoy users between movies.

  • No registration

To use the KatmovieHD Apk, you do not need to register or create an account.

  • Choose a download location.

Android users can make easy tweaks before beginning their download procedure. On your internal or external hard drive space, you can quickly choose between download locations in numerous folders. Similarly, you can choose each file to delete from the movie download using the individual file download options, and vice versa.

  • Leading Collection

Additionally, there is a selection of the era’s most popular Bollywood blockbusters. The best selection will be divided into several categories for easier access.

  • easy to reach

You will have immediate access to a sizable selection of Hindi movies. As a result, you can find the movie you need by simply browsing this application’s collection.

  • Items for kids

Kids and individuals who want to stream and download anime have their own specific categories. As well as a global series of animations in Hindi and Urdu, it contains a sizable collection of diverse cartoon animations for kids who do not speak English. Additionally, a lot of animation shows are streamed every day.

Hollywood Hindi Movie Download

KatMovieHD APK movies

This app was created exclusively for fans of Hollywood Hindi-dubbed films. An app can be favorited by the user. This app is easily accessible to users. Sharing this app is simple. This app is simple to download from the Play Store. Simply download, install, and delight. Users can search for this app by putting in various names!

Katmoviehd offers full Bollywood movies from Hollywood.

  • free and secure

This app is quite safe. It secures all of your data for free.

How do I obtain and install KatMovieHD Apk?

  1. “KatmovieHD APK” can be downloaded from apktrusted.com.
  2. Install the downloaded apk on your Android device.
  1. Allow it to finish installing on your Android device.
  2. Open the app and start watching KatmovieHD.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The KatmovieHD app always has the most recent movies. Only KatmovieHD presents each and every movie from the many film industries.
  • You may see a list of the episodes and movie segments here.
  • There is complete access to every movie. No movie is available in a cut-or-half version.
  • Here, you can see the movie and get all the details.
  •  user-friendly. interface


  • Malware that deletes or steals data from your phone could be in APK files.
  • Your apps won’t automatically update because they can’t get to the Google Play Store.

What’s New:

  •  Bug  Fixed.
  • user-friendly interface.
  • Enhanced speed.


You may stream or download your favorite content using this application. There are no subscription features in this application. You don’t need to spend a single rupee to use his application, which offers you access to a wealth of global content.

Since it has practically all applications from all genres and categories, apktrusted.com is a reliable place to obtain APK files. If there is a discrepancy, please let us know in the comment section or send us an email at the address listed in the “contact us” section.


How is the KatMovieHD App 100% secure, according to Apktrusted.com?

If a user wants to download an APK file from Apktrusted.com, we verify that the appropriate APK file is available on Google Play and let them do so . If the APK file isn’t available on Google Play, it can be downloaded from our cache.

How does downloading the KatMovieHD apk require Android app permission?

Apps must have access to the systems of certain devices. You will be aware of all the permissions an application needs as soon as it is installed.


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