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Lost In Blue MOD APK is an adventure based role playing published by Volcano Force where players have to face many challenges for their survival. You go through many difficulties while facing these challenges. This game is very interesting and fun for those who like role play games.

The game is available on Google play Store and has millions of downloads. Download the latest version of Lost In Blue MOD APK Unlimited Money & Menu Mode to enjoy the game.

Lost In Blue Mod Apk

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How to play Lost In Blue MOD APK?

In Lost in Blue MOD APK game you are traveling in a plane with your companions. Where your plane passing over an island crashes and all the comrades are killed and the survivors are left alone on the island. Here you face many challenges to survive, including harsh weather, dangerous wild animals, zombies, mummies and many more. If you are not focusing your game you can easily lose your life. You will have to find a shelter on the island and arrange food and drink for yourself. On the island you will find many resources with hidden treasures.

In addition, you will find crashed plans, forbidden temples, and much more infrastructure on the island and some resources that you can use to build weapons for your own protection. Because you will encounter many dangerous enemies on the island who will fight you, the deadly weapons you make there will help you deal with the enemies. To protect yourself you can also build your own defense system such as arrow tower, sensor tower, watchtower, etc.

Lost In Blue Apk


Here are some amazing features of the game,

Multiplayer Mod

You can also play this game with your friends where you have to overcome the dangers on the island together. You can choose for yourself whether you want to play with multiplayers to collect resources or you want to play against your friends to kill them and grab their resources.

Development of your character

The most important thing in this game is your character who needs to be upgraded and developed for the survival. As he upgraded he can adapt to the conditions of the island and withstand the harsh weather.

Find Resources for Survival

You need to find resources of various kinds like food, seafood and water for your survival. On the island you will have to create the perfect and protected shelter for yourself with the help of many resources available. You will also have to grow crops that can meet your food needs.

Lost In Blue MOD Apk Unlimited money & Menu

Craft weapons for your Protection

As you will have to live on a destroyed and desolate island where you will face dangerous enemies like wild animals, monsters, zombies, ghosts, mutants, mummies, and more. To protect yourself from these enemies you will have to make weapons from different resources that you would have been found on island.

Lost In Blue Weapons

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Craft


Graphics of the game are very beautiful and appreciable. It is true that it looks like a ruined island but it has forests, mountains, seas of all kinds that look like real in 3D.


Is Lost In Blue free to play?

Yes, Lost In Blue is free to play. You can download it from google play store.

Is the MOD Version of Lost In Blue safe to download and play?

Yes, The MOD Version of Lost In Blue safe to download from our website APK Trusted. You can download and play this MOD version without any hesitation.

Is Lost In Blue Multiplayer Game?

Yes, Lost In Blue is a multiplayer game in which you have to play with friends to survive with the help of each other.


In short, Lost in Blue MOD APK you enjoy life fighting for your survival on a destroyed island. You arrange food for yourself from various sources to ensure your survival. And make weapons for yourself to fight against dangerous enemies. You can also play this game with your friends if you wish.

Download the latest Version of Lost In Blue MOD APK to enjoy this game.

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