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Mortal Kombat MOD APK is a free-to-play fighting game that was developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It was released in April 2013, and has been downloaded more than 100 million times. The game allows players to choose from a variety of characters, and engage in combat with other combatants.

The Mortal Kombat series of video games has been around for over 25 years. It’s one of the most popular franchises in the gaming industry, and the series is still going strong.

Download the latest version of Mortal Kombat MOD APK to get unlimited money and soul and enjoy the game with all characters unlocked.

Mortal Kombat game

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How to Play Mortal Kombat MOD APK?

Mortal Kombat MOD APK is a fighting game. It is very easy to learn and to play. In the beginning, you will fight some basic enemies, and once you understand the controls, you will be able to defeat your opponents with ease. Mortal Kombat is very exciting and best 3vs3 fighting game. It includes a variety of different characters, each with their own fighting style. You will first be given three characters. Each character has a special ability, which you must use to defeat your opponent. These special abilities are known as fatalities.

You can upgrade your character to increase your level, and eventually to become stronger. You will also have to watch out for traps called’mortal moves’. If you happen to fall into a trap, your character will be killed. If your opponent dies, then you can continue playing, and you will also get a special reward.

After you defeat all of the characters, you will unlock the final boss. This boss will be much stronger than any of the other fighters, and he will be the toughest to beat.

To win, you will have to defeat the boss with the special move, known as the ‘ultimate move’. You will earn rewards after you defeat the boss. You will also be able to earn bonus items, which you can use to make your character look cooler.


This game has some wonderful features that make the game very interesting,

Collection of super characters

You can collect various kinds of characters. Each one has different abilities. You can choose your favorite characters, and then you will have the opportunity to train them. All the characters are really awesome based on MK11. You have to select one of them. These characters include the shape of Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Skarlet, Kabal, and many others in Mortal Kombat MOD APK. All the characters are locked and you will have to unlock them.

Mortal Kombat Mod apk characters

Fight in brutal 3vs3 kombat

After you collect your characters, you will have to create your own team and make to the battleground against opponent team. This match will be 3vs3 Kombat. You will have to kill your opponents to unlock new challenging fights. In new challenging fights you will have to fight against powerful artifacts to win. Team Ronin, Team Nightmare, and Team Day of the Dead are the most powerful ones.

Mortal Kombat 3vs3

Complete challenging missions

Mortal Kombat Mod Apk has many challenging missions and levels in which you have to fight against powerful opponents and win against them. When you complete missions and levels in the game you get many rewards and money that you can use to unlock powerful characters. You can also use this money to equip your characters with powerful weapons. Challenging missions are very important to complete so you can win more in the game.

Customization and upgrade your characters

When you win the games you win rewards and money. With this money you can upgrade the skills and abilities of your character. You can customize your character with your own choice. You can equip your your character with powerful weapons so that you can win more and more challenges.

Mortal Kombat Customize characters

Multiplayer Online Mode

This is not only an individual play game but also a multiplayer game. You can invite your friends to play 3vs3 match. You and your teammates can choose the same warriors to increase the whole team’s strength, such as Team Nightmare, Team Day of the Dead, or Team Ronin, etc. You can play against real time players all over the world. This is very interesting feature that will not let you bored.

Mod Features

  • All Characters Unlocked
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Souls
  • Ads Free


The graphics of the game are really so great that they make the gameplay very attractive and amazing. 3D graphics are so great that each character, action, and other thing is perfectly depicted in this game version. Every attack is designed to give you a realistic experience.


Is Mortal Kombat safe to download and play?

Yes, Mortal Kombat is safe to download and play from our website APK Trusted. Download the game and play to enjoy without any hesitation.

How can I get Unlimited Souls in Mortal Kombat?

You can download the mod version of Mortal Kombat from our website APK Trusted to get unlimited souls.

Can I play Mortal Kombat online multiplayer with friends?

Yes you can invite your friends from all over the world to play online multiplayer 3vs3 mode of Mortal Kombat.


Mortal Kombat MOD APK is a very exciting fighting game. In the game you choose famous characters of you own choice and make your team. You can customize and upgrade your character. You find daily challenges that you have to complete to get rewards and money. You can play invite your two friends to play 3vs3 matches. Graphics of the game are really attractive that give you a realistic experience.

In short game is amazing and if you love action games you should play this game. Download the latest version of Mortal Kombat Hack Apk unlimited money and souls to enjoy the game.

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